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Shocking News - Couple Arrested after Police Look into Baby’s Mouth and Got Stunned!!!


Only if God gifted kids to those who really wanted to have them and not just any couple who cannot even take care of the child or at least find good parents for the child. Some people die to have a baby who have been trying to have since a long time, be it through adoption agencies, yet there are couples like the ones in the story who don’t love their own child.

Father Captures Miracle on Film Only 10 Days after They Won the Battle for Their Baby’s Life


Do you remember the story of Shelly Cawley? Shelly fell into a coma after complications during an emergency c-section but woke up thanks to her 1 week old baby. We also told you about Matthew Davis whose wife took incredible care of him when he awoke from a coma with memory loss. Now we’re telling you about another person miraculously waking from a coma; but this time, it’s a 1-year-old baby from Algeria named Marwa.