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Everyone Called This Mom Liar Until She Finally Films Her 2-Month-Old Talking! Video Has Gone Viral


When a couple has a new baby, it’s as if every single day of their life becomes a new adventure. From the moment the baby arrives, the couple stares down at their new bundle of joy in awe. And then there are all those firsts that start highlighting their days from the very moment they leave the hospital. A sense of relief fills them when their baby cries for the first time and then there is the first time that the baby falls asleep in their arms. Again, they look down in awe at the life that they created. A first smile is one of those other moments that can easily lead a new mother to tears and a spread a proud smile across a new father’s lips.

Shocking – Baby Dies After Only One Week In Daycare So His Mom Wants To Help Us Learn From It (Don’t Make The Same Mistakes)


Almost exactly two years ago, my friend Hava dropped her baby boy Joey off at daycare, and the unthinkable happened. Sadly, since then, Hava has become an expert of sorts about SIDS and daycare safety. Her life will never be the same -- but she's sharing her story, and her advice, in the hopes it will save another mom from suffering the same heartbreak.

Doctors Warn Parents: Here’s Why You Should Never Clean Your Baby’s or Child Face With Wet Wipes!


Wet wipes are an essential part of hygiene for parents who have young children.

They are ideal for cleaning any mess, which is caused by your little ones, and in addition they are also very practical. However, in reality they are not so healthy. NBC reported that studies have shown that wet wipes can be very dangerous for children’s skin!