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Father Captures Miracle on Film Only 10 Days after They Won the Battle for Their Baby’s Life

Do you remember the story of Shelly Cawley? Shelly fell into a coma after complications during an emergency c-section but woke up thanks to her 1 week old baby. We also told you about Matthew Davis whose wife took incredible care of him when he awoke from a coma with memory loss. Now we’re telling you about another person miraculously waking from a coma; but this time, it’s a 1-year-old baby from Algeria named Marwa.



Marwa was placed in a medically-induced coma by doctors at Timone Hospital in Marseille, France after a virus threatened her body and brain. After some time in the coma, doctors began to doubt that she would ever recover. They recommended to Marwa’s parents that they take her off of life support, due to the severe neurological damage she’d suffered.

Marwa’s father, Mohamed Bouchenafa, refused to end his daughter’s life. He insisted that she could hear his voice and was reacting to it, so he took to the web to fight back.


Mohamed started an online petition to keep her alive, receiving support from over 115 thousand people.

With the petition in hand, Mohamed took his fight for his daughter’s life all the way to court where he begged for more time. The court granted Mohamed’s request and allowed Marwa another 2 months on life support. After that, the plug would have to be pulled.

Then, just 10 days after the judge’s verdict, Marwa opened her eyes for the first time since being induced.

Her dad even managed to catch the incredible moment his baby opened her eyes on camera in the beautiful video below!



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