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Shocking – Some Parents Are Using Muzzles To Keep Babies Quiet In Public


Silence is golden.  But is it preventable?  For young children — babies, especially — loud noises are part of their culture.  In fact, unusual quietness in a baby can oftentimes be seen as sign of something being not quite right.  Still, people can be stubborn.  The world apparently revolves around their eardrums.  And the prospect of donning toddlers’ mouths with muzzles has entered the conversation.  Should it be fine for parents to buffer their baby’s blaring?  Keep reading to find out why or why not masking babies for the sake of silence is or isn’t a good idea.

This Inspiring Story Touched Thousands – Doctors Said Baby Born With Brain Outside Of Skull Will Die But Then Miracle Happened


Doctors told Bentley’s parents, Sierra and Dustin, that they should have an abortion at an ultrasound appointment when Sierra was 20 weeks pregnant. During the appointment, they found out that their son Bentley had encephalocele, a rare condition in which part of the brain develops in a sac outside of the skull.