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Psychologists Warn Parents: 5 Phrases You Should Never Ever Use In Front Of Your Children!! And This Is Why…


The truth is we are all human and we all make mistakes. However, to a child’s mind its parents are something A LOT more than just a human. They are its creators, its caretakers, its guardians, and they’ve lived here before it was even born. They are the only thing we are familiar with in the midst of this vast unknown. That’s the reason why what parents do and how they behave becomes a crucial part of their children’s psyche.

Do You Know What Is Indigo Child And How To Indentify If Your Kid Is Indigo – Ten Characteristic Indigo Children Have


You may have heard the term Indigo Child being used with growing frequency in recent years, particularly since the 1970s – back when the basic idea was developed by teacher and author Nancy Ann Tappe. Or perhaps, this is the first time you are hearing of it.

Toddlers’ social development


Socialization is an important part of your child’s overall development. Social development milestones are important because they prepare child to manage personal feelings, understands others’ feelings and needs and interacts in respectful and acceptable way.