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Summer dangers for kids


While parents worry about the safety of children throughout the year, it is necessary to additionally pay attention during the summer months. High temperatures and more time children spend outdoors, sometimes without supervision, may be a risk factor for children's health. Here are some tips to preventive action on certain risk factors during the summer months.

Allow the kids to enjoy the school breaks


If your kids during the holidays, behave as if the school continues, help them to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Physical activities: Allow the kids to rest and give them chance to play free, like they want. Let them jump, run around, talk, act and think like a kids. Because of your preoccupation at work, you sometimes forget that they are just kids.

The importance of sport in child development


The child has always been and will always be in the center of attention in the family and society. Today when people are faced with many problems, with lack of time, even for its own child, it is important to find a way to get a child interested in something that would be useful for him. A basic for proper growth and development of the child is game.