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New member in the family


Arrival of a new member in the family

The birth of the younger child certainly brings a major change in the family, number of new emotions, and also a change in the current way of life. The mother’s role is certainly the most challenging because the younger child at first completely depends on her. And it is very likely that she will not have the opportunity to devote herself like in the first pregnancy, because of her obligations in the family.

Why kids have imaginary friends?


Is it normal for kids to have imaginary friends? Is it healthy? When you first see your child talking with someone and there is no one in the room, you are confused and afraid. Don’t panic imaginary friends are normal.

Get rid of diapers - Potty training instructions


First of all: The child must be ready! Don’t force it. Don’t even try if you have not met certain conditions. At the physiological level, the nervous system, which controls the sphincters, must be mature. Only then the child becomes aware of its ability to contract and relax the sphincter muscles. The maturity is not acquired before the age of 15 to 18 months. And it’s necessary a few more months until it all starts to function right. On average, children can’t start using the potty before the age of 20-26 months.