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For Traumatic and Unexpectedly Birth Mother Got $16M Compensation – Mothers Did You Had Similar Experience?

Birth is a life changing event. There are aspects of birth that we cannot control, and unexpected complications can arise, but there are many aspects of birth which we can control. Many women take the time to seek out the maternity care provider and birthing facility they feel comfortable with.

Depression - unwanted pregnancy companion! How to deal with the bad mood and depression in pregnancy?

Postpartum depression is a phenomenon that is widely spread. But what if the depression occurs before birth? A recent research, conducted in the UK, presented the data that are somewhat surprising, and that is that pregnant women suffer from depression much more than anticipated. Even according to the final results, more women meet with depression before the birth than after it.

Pets and Pregnancy - Is it safe being around pets during pregnancy?

If you are an animal lover, and you've just found out you are pregnant, you may be concerned about the presence of your pet. There are certain circumstances that can cause concern when it comes to keeping animals in the home - whether it's a cat, dog or bird, and it is expected the arrival of a new family member. Therefore here are some advices and answers to some of your concerns.

First time pregnant! Now what?

You are first time pregnant and in your head you have a bunch of questions. Here are the most important answers for you.

Am I really pregnant?

The surest sign of pregnancy is the absence of menstruation. Typical symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to smells and sudden desire for a particular food usually appear a little later. Further suspicion in pregnancy can cause slight bleeding that occurs due to the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. This light bleeding comes a little earlier than the day when you should get your period.