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Shocking News - Couple Arrested after Police Look into Baby’s Mouth and Got Stunned!!!

Only if God gifted kids to those who really wanted to have them and not just any couple who cannot even take care of the child or at least find good parents for the child. Some people die to have a baby who have been trying to have since a long time, be it through adoption agencies, yet there are couples like the ones in the story who don’t love their own child.

Recently in South Carolina a baby was rushed to a hospital and the parents had suggested that the teether had broken inside the baby’s mouth. Although, when the child was inspected they found out something shocking which was not co-related to what parents were saying.

There were wounds on baby’s body and his left eye was also swollen shut. There were breaks in the arms of the baby as well. The mouth showed that the infant had suffered abuse. Investigations happened and police found broken teether with blood on it in the garbage.

It was pretty obvious by then, that the parents were trying to hide something as it wasn't relevant that the baby had multiple bruises on his body.

When the staff had told the police about the condition of the infant, the parents were immediately arrested and taken under custody, who go by the name Rachael Jade Nicole Herron and Billy Ray Hawkins Jr.

According to the laws, now the baby was better off with social services of South Carolina rather than the abusive parents or they might have ended killing the baby.

They were 19 and 21 year old and thus not really old to take over the responsibility of the baby. The father is being held for a $50,000 and the mother is being charged for $25,000. There is not going to be any bail for both of them, it seems.


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