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Anemia in pregnancy: How to recognize and treat anemia?


If a pregnant woman does not care about her blood count, it can lead to anemia, and with anemia to more serious health complications. While people say that the pregnant woman who is tired and sleepy is completely normal for her condition, you should know that these symptoms are often an indicator of a lack of iron in the body, and even anemia.

Bleeding during pregnancy - is there any reason to fear?


There is an old rule in gynecology, that any bleeding has to be understood as a possible abortion, until it is diagnosed what caused the bleeding. Bleeding is not a rare occurrence in the first trimester of pregnancy, therefore, does not necessarily mean that it is a serious problem. However, the bleeding that occurs in late pregnancy, or in the second and third trimester - it's usually a sign of more serious problems.

Urinary tract infections in pregnancy


According to the experience of gynecologists, urinary tract infections are the most common infections in pregnancy, so regular checks in this period required. Urinary tract infections are more common in women, primarily due to the structure of the body, namely a shorter urinary tract, which allows easier spreading of the infection.