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Strange but true: 17 amazing facts about pregnancy

In addition to morning sickness and pain during childbirth, there are many things that women survive during pregnancy. A lot of this is really disturbing...

Every mother will tell you that the birth of a child is not easy. The woman during the nine months (sometimes even longer) is a real superheroine. Moms, you really deserve a huge hug. And here's why...

1. During pregnancy, the uterus is enlarged 500 times, or with a size of a peach, it will expand to the size of entire watermelon.

2. The placenta of woman who nearing childbirth produces more estrogen in one day than it is produced in the body of a woman who is not pregnant, over three years!

3. Retention of fluid and water in the body can cause that foot of pregnant woman increases drastically.

4. Three times more women are giving birth via C-section, than it was the case ten years ago.

5. It is possible that a woman carries a child for a year. The longest recorded pregnancy lasted 375 days.

6. The chance that a woman during a pregnancy will get more children, grows along with the weight and height of expectant mothers.

7. In pregnant women are really enhances the sense of smell, which is actually a defense mechanism of the body from the food that is bad for the baby.

8. It is customary that color of the skin is changed during pregnancy.  Actually this happens in 90 percent of cases.

9. Prints of baby's fingers are formed during the first three months of residence in the stomach.

10. Occasionally, bleeding from the nose and gums is normal during pregnancy because of increased blood flow.

11. Studies have shown that babies can sense what the mother eats, especially in case of strong flavors like garlic.

12. Over the past two decades in America was born more boys than girls. However, women are still more numerous population than men.

13. The only scientifically proven method of induction of labor is nipple stimulation, known as the '' technique of comfort ''.

14. Have you heard the old wives tales that pregnant women have heartburn tend to have children with more hair? That's exactly right!

15. Babies cry in mother's belly. Not because they are disturbed, but they practice for their big day.

16. Pregnant women and mothers produce lactate (lactic acid salt) to the sound of baby’s cry, even if it comes from other child.

17. In the second half of pregnancy, the baby wet about a liter of fluid a day ... and then drink all of it.