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Allow the kids to enjoy the school breaks

If your kids during the holidays, behave as if the school continues, help them to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Physical activities: Allow the kids to rest and give them chance to play free, like they want. Let them jump, run around, talk, act and think like a kids. Because of your preoccupation at work, you sometimes forget that they are just kids.

Communication: During the school year most of the conversation with kids are connected with helping with homework, learning together etc. It is time to take the opportunity for different conversations that are not connected with school.

Encourage socializing: The time for leisure activities and socializing during the school year are not enough. Redirect your conversation in the field of fostering social relations, because it will deepen the relation of trust between you and your child, and you will obtain additional information about his values and thoughts, needs and emotions.

Suspend any penalty: When child disappoints you with some mark in school, remember that this is only a mark. If your penalty is through all his vacation, the child will not learn the lesson, but will significantly impair your relationship. As soon he forget why he was punished, he’ll believe that it’s unfair penalty, which can lead to the development of his hostility toward you.

Joint party: Treat yourself and child joint activities like walk, cinema, going on a trip etc. It will remind him that you know to value your time together, and that your priorities are the time spent together, not his school success.

First grade kids: It is especially important not to force the future first grade kids to practice and prepare for school during the summer period. First of all, everything they need to know to start the first grade, they have mastered with the pre-school programs in their kindergarten. Insistence to learn to read and write before school, can be very unproductive. In fact, if you teach kids writing in one way, and the teacher offered a different system of learning to write letters, your kids will be confused.

Although future first grade kids often wants to do some extra activities, because that way unconsciously reduce their own fear before enrollment in the first grade, offer them to play and socialize with their peers.