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Summer dangers for kids

While parents worry about the safety of children throughout the year, it is necessary to additionally pay attention during the summer months. High temperatures and more time children spend outdoors, sometimes without supervision, may be a risk factor for children's health. Here are some tips to preventive action on certain risk factors during the summer months.

The sun and summer heat

Some of the biggest health hazard in summer are associated with the high temperatures, which are:

-Heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be prevented. Children should constantly drink water, to avoid dehydration at high temperatures. If children play outside, sometimes they need a break, and aerate if there are possible symptoms such as thirst, cramps, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches and fever. Never leave a child in the car in the heat!

-Metal handles or other metal devices to playgrounds and parks can cause burns if heated in the sun. Before you let your child to play in the park, make sure that devices (slides, swings, roundabouts) are not too heated.

-Sunburn - although parents use sunscreen for children with a high protection factor against the negative effects of the sun's rays, however, can occur burns, if the sunscreen is not used properly. Read the instructions, note the expiration date, of whether the product waterproof, and the period of protection provided. Hat or cap is must have for children in summer.

Water - Safety Tips

Summer is reserved for pools, lakes and rivers. To make children as safe as possible in such an environment, here are some tips:

If you have your own pool, make a fence around it that a child cannot move alone, and well lock the door when you are away. Supervise your children at the pool, even if they know how to swim.

Young children who cannot swim should wear vests for swimming, not hoops and straps, while they are in the pool. Children who cannot swim should always wear a swim vests when swimming in the lake, especially in the river. A child of four or five years old is ready for swimming lessons, this is the age when these skills quickly learns.

Other summer safety tips:

If you have a garden or lawn, use insect repellent if it is necessary. After the game outdoors on lawns, in parks, in nature, examine the child for ticks. Buy all equipment for child’s summer activities. If he ride a bike or skates obtain appropriate protective helmet and protection for the joints. Do not offer food to children who stood more than an hour out of the fridge. The summer heat spoils food quickly, so it can cause poisoning.

Regardless of the summer of danger, if you act preventively and in time, you can relax and enjoy the sun, sea, nature, swimming pools or other outdoor environment in which you prefer to stay. Encourage children to as many movements outside the home. Summer is just ideal for outdoor activities.