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Shocking Confession - “They should’ve warned me,” Mom’s Letter Reveals Truths Of Having First Child!!


When writer Jenny Studenroth Gerson– the blogger mom behind “Born to be a Bride,” was pregnant, everyone wanted to “warn” her. From giving her the typical heads-up about the lack of sleep to come to painting a daunting picture of her post-baby body, Jenny’s friends thoroughly prepared her for the mess to come with this next chapter of life.

This is A True Miracle: Mother Gives Birth To 17 Babies at Once !!!


Well, it’s a blessing of God who gives 17 babies – twins –  to one woman. 21st-century record. An American woman has totally annihilated the former World Record for the most babies in one pregnancy by giving birth to seventeen babies over 29 hours last weekend at the Indianapolis Memorial Hospital. Doctors were really surprised, shocked and glad to have a successful delivery.