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Be ALERT People: She Went For A Jog And Almost Lost Her Life All Because Of This… You Will Be Shocked What Happened!!!

We will all be alert and careful in which areas we going, some of them have dog alert and dogs are controlled in that area, and in some there are leaved free and not controlled.

Two girls who went to jogging were unfortunate enough to learn how hostile some innocent areas can be. This is their story.

Their yoga led them to this area. They were attacked by four pit bulls. The two and owner of dogs were fighting with dogs for two hours while they continued to bite. But suddenly, the dogs went away. It happened that a woman came with a truck and scared them. She then took the victims to safety. But the girls were seriously injured.

George was bitten all over her body, but she is not in the hospital but she is recovering at home. The dogs were peeled off 75% of the scalp and some muscle of her legs. She had to stay in intensive care. Police later found four dogs and killed them. Local sheriff’s office asked to accuse their owner, who had starved them.

Both girls recovered several months later.


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