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Engineer Vs Doctor, Story That Everyone Must Read!!! Who do You Bet On??

An engineer was left without a job for a long period. He tried to find himself a job, however he had no luck. So, he opened a medical clinic and placed a sign in front of it: “Get a treatment for $500, if you’re not treated well we give you $1000”

A doctor saw the sign in front of the clinic, so he thought it was an easy $1000 for him. He entered the clinic and told the engineer, “I don’t have any taste in my mouth.” So, the engineer had the nurse bring the doctor some medicine. It was stored in box 22 and she put 3 drops of it in the doctor’s mouth. He was shocked, “This is Gasoline!”

The engineer happily said, “Very well! You have your taste back. $500 please.”

The doctor gave the engineer his money, and he was very angry so decided to come back a few days later. This time, he said: “I don’t remember anything, I’ve lost my memory!” So, the engineer told the nurse to bring the medicine from box 22 again and put it in the doctor’s mouth.

The doctor said, “That’s gasoline, I’m not taking it!” So the engineer was happy again and said, “Congratulations! You have your memory back. $500 please.”

The doctor gave $500 again and angrily he went home, only to be back a few days later. This time, he said: “My vision is really weak, I don’t see anything.” So, the engineer replied, “Well I don’t have medicine for that…Here’s your $1000.” The doctor look at the money and said, “But this is $500, not $1000!” So, the engineer replied: “Very well, your vision is back! $500 please.”



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