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Why Are They Hiding This?? Leaked NASA Footage Proves Man Already Walked On Mars Years Ago!!! VIDEO!

According to this conspiracy theory, a manned mission to Mars took place in 1973 and no-one was told about it. It wasn’t even the first and it wouldn’t be the last one.

But first, the circumstances that led to astronauts setting foot on Mars. After successfully landing man on the Moon, NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense initiated Project Horizon, an ambitious mission to set up a permanent stationary base on our satellite.

Apparently, at that time (in 1970s more precisely) NASA focused more on a manned mission to Mars. As crazy as this sounds, it might prove to be true, and here is why: 50 years ago from now, in the summer of 1965, Mariner 4 became the first successful mission to come near the surface of the Red Planet.

The photos returned by the space module caused an immense stir among NASA’s personnel, as it revealed never before seen features of the bizarre “red dot” that could be observed from Earth.

Codenamed Project Redsun, its aim was to successfully colonize the Red Planet. The first mission saw three astronauts taking the journey aboard a modified Saturn V left over from the discontinued Apollo Program.


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