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Breaking News: UFO Crashes In Saudi Arabia after Being Hit By Air Missile!!! See The Liked VIDEO Hidden By The Government!!

A tremendous noise was heard in the sky on October 19, Wednesday, after evening prayers in Saudi Arabia. Then the sighting of an intense, large light followed. It was heading from the west over a region located in the east of Riyadh.

Residents did not think it was a meteor because it didn’t look like it. They said that it was a blue, green shooting out green flashes. A 40-year-old witness, who introduced himself as Khalid, stated that they were baffled as no one has ever seen anything like it.

Before going south toward the Yemeni desert, the UFO changed course multiple times. A rebel shot the UFO using a low altitude surface to air missile system with a passive infrared homing guidance and high explosive warhead. In contrast to the general idea of UFOs, which typically so advanced that any sophisticated weapons on Earth would find a hard time to take them down, this particular UFO was taken down with just a single shot.

The location of the crash site was immediately determined. A Saudi helicopter revealed an aerial photograph along with the story and embedded location. The location is a dessert located about 220 miles north and slightly east of Al Mukalla. However, it is not determined on what happen to the alien in the photo.

No report about the incident in the west, but it was witnessed as far as Kuwait. Residents in the region where the object was reportedly heading claimed they heard an explosion and felt a tremor as if something had crashed.

The Saudi government has allegedly sealed the area, which borders Yemen, but has not released information regarding the alleged crash site. Houthi rebels have been in rebellion against the Yemen government that started in 2015. Rebel sources claimed one of their men fired at the UFO using a shoulder type 9K-32 Strelka and brought down the unknown aerial thing.

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Here’s one older video of alleged crashed UFO in Saudi Arabia.

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