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Get rid of diapers - Potty training instructions


First of all: The child must be ready! Don’t force it. Don’t even try if you have not met certain conditions. At the physiological level, the nervous system, which controls the sphincters, must be mature. Only then the child becomes aware of its ability to contract and relax the sphincter muscles. The maturity is not acquired before the age of 15 to 18 months. And it’s necessary a few more months until it all starts to function right. On average, children can’t start using the potty before the age of 20-26 months.

Fears in childhood: how to soothe a child?


Fears in childhood are quite common, and a normal part of growing up. The first fear - fear of separation from parents - is already present in infancy. In addition to the fear of strangers, children can feel the fear of doctors, dentists, other adults, institutions, darkness, witches, monsters etc.

Toddlers’ social development


Socialization is an important part of your child’s overall development. Social development milestones are important because they prepare child to manage personal feelings, understands others’ feelings and needs and interacts in respectful and acceptable way.