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Toddlers’ social development

Socialization is an important part of your child’s overall development. Social development milestones are important because they prepare child to manage personal feelings, understands others’ feelings and needs and interacts in respectful and acceptable way.

When and how begins socialization of toddler’s

You probably ask yourself: When did your child started making friends? How and when did your child start connecting with other people? The answer is: It all began with you, you were your child’s first playmate, the first one to respond to his babbled conversation. With your help he is learned how to interact with other people.

First year

During his first year, your child will predominantly point and vocalize to express their intentions. He will recognize familiar people. When he sees his grandfather or grandmother he will smile, or when he see his pediatrician he will begin to cry. If the baby is not paying attention to the people around him, you should be concern. The baby must be aware of what and who is around him.

Second year

During his second year, your child will develop a very specific image of social world and friends. He knows that other people exist, and the interest him, but he has no idea how they think or what they feel.

Your toddler will start to enjoy the company of other kids at his age or older. At first he will play with his palls in “parallel play” – that means, they will sit side by side, but play on their own. Older toddlers interact more with kids, but are very protective of their toys. Your child may start to show possessiveness over toys that he knows belong to him. If another child even touches the toy, he may rush over and snatch it away.

Kids at this age can also be very physical in their responses to other children. They may poke each other’s eyes or pat a little too hard. They can hit or slap without realizing they are hurting the other child. They also can bite their friends, and this is usually related to their exploration of what they can do with their teeth and their inability to communicate.

By eighteen months your toddler will be able to say his own name and identify his reflection in the mirror. When he approaches age two, he may be able to wash his hands or brush his teeth if shown how to do it.

At this age kids may be shy. It is normal, some kids aren’t as outgoing around others. This is not a negative thing, it is normal for kids to be shy and to be slow to warm to people they don’t know. Give them time to adjust to new people.