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10 Year Old Boy Dies Few Days After Strange Mark Appears On His Leg

Many people fear death, but it is an inevitable event that will eventually happen to everyone. Most of the time, it’s the old people that kick the bucket. However, sometimes the Grim Reaper takes away the life of children.

Keith Pierce was a 10-year-old student attending Three Forks District School. The young boy was one of three siblings and was a part of the school’s wrestling and football teams. After his leg began to swell up, he was taken to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.

After ruling out cancer, doctors sent him home. However, Pierce was later rushed to St. Vincent Hospital after his symptoms worsened. Two days later, he had to go through emergency surgery where he did not wake up. That’s when his parents made the decision to end their efforts of resuscitating him.

Sadly, Pierce passed away at just 10 years old. A forensic exam was done to determine the cause of death, and that’s when they learned what was the cause of the strange mark.

The forensic examination stated that the cause of death as severe sepsis due to complications of a spider bite. Pierce had been victim to a venomous bite from a brown recluse spider.

Following the child’s death, the ‘Keith Pierce Memorial Fund’ has been set up to raise funds to help his family during this difficult time.

Brown recluse spiders are usually brown or gray in color. They are typically six to twenty millimeters in length and may have markings on their dorsal side that resembles a violin.


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