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6-Yr-Old Put In Coma After Car Wreck, But An Unexpected Friend Brought Him Back To Life!

6-year-old Caleb is a young boy who’s been through more than you or I could ever imagine.

During a recent head-on car accident, he was severely injured. The crash was so extreme that it caused his brain to hit the front, then the back of his skull, which killed an incredibly large amount of brain cells. This brought him to what doctors called a “lifeless state.”

A full physical recovery from such an injury is almost impossible. In addition to that, the mental tolls – lacking motivation, depression, etc. – keep a lot of patients from making progress. But Caleb had a secret weapon named Colonel.

Colonel is a Golden Retriever, trained therapy dog. The driving philosophy behind these animals is to use “playing” to aid in many types of recovery. By getting Caleb interested in throwing the ball or getting puppy kisses, it enabled him to make progress when he didn’t even realize it.

And before long, he had a smile on his face with his new best friend by his side.

Soon his mobility was vastly improved, and things like hand-eye coordination, balance and cognition looked better and better each day.  From that point, it was a snowball effect: with improved abilities, his joy grew, which further fueled other aspects of healing, which fueled hope, and so on.

To see him now is like looking at a different person. He is far on the path to healing, and indebted to a beautiful, canine friend.  Because of the happiness Colonel provided and the motivation which Caleb gained, his story is one of great triumph.


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