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(VIDEO) How well do children know their own mothers? Proof That There is a Unique Connection between Mother and Child!

There is something unique about the bond between a mother and child. This connection between children and mother can be felt as much as seen.

Mother carried us inside their body for nine long months. They went through the morning sickness, they felt pain, and they saw their body change.

But every single day during pregnancy is a real blessing for the mother. These stages makes a mom very happy, because she knows that something beautiful is in her womb, that a life is developing inside her.

When the baby is born, with the cut of the umbilical cord, physical attachment with the mother ends and emotional and psychological attachment begins.

Pandora Jewelry made social experiment proving the unique bond between mother and child. The ad is called “The Unique Connection” and shows a group of six children wearing blindfolds and have to walk down a row of women and find which one is their mom.

This heart worming video was made to celebrate Mother’s Day 2015. The children using their senses and intuition were asked to find their mothers.  

Anxiety, love and a bit of heartfelt tears filled the room, as children from the age of 3-9 using their senses and intuition tried to find the one and only they could call mum. The result is heartwarming...!

All of the children successfully identify their mums proving that mothers and their kids are connected with unconditional love!