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First time pregnant! Now what?

You are first time pregnant and in your head you have a bunch of questions. Here are the most important answers for you.

Am I really pregnant?

The surest sign of pregnancy is the absence of menstruation. Typical symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to smells and sudden desire for a particular food usually appear a little later. Further suspicion in pregnancy can cause slight bleeding that occurs due to the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. This light bleeding comes a little earlier than the day when you should get your period.

How many tests do I need to be sure that I’m pregnant?

Tests that can be purchased in pharmacies are quite sure. Their accuracy reaches 99%, so there is no need to spend money to repeat the test. Even if you have pain like menstrual cramps or symptoms of PMS there is no need to repeat the test. These pains are common in the beginning of pregnancy. They suggest that the uterus grows stronger and being strengthened. But, if you have really strong pains, you should visit your gynecologist.

I feel pain, should I go to a gynecologist?

Generally in the first weeks of pregnancy occur certain sensations in the abdomen that are sometimes a bit painful. In addition to pain due to the growth of the uterus may occur and pain in the intestines or the bladder. You should be concerned if there is bleeding, when you should immediately go to the doctor. Very strong pain is rare in pregnancy. If you feel such pains make sure to visit a doctor because it may be an extra uterine pregnancy, which can be very painful.

When will I really feel pregnant?

Many pregnant women become aware of the 12th week of pregnancy when it comes to detailed ultrasound of the baby and the mother can see how the child is actively moves in the belly, that the child has hands and legs, has tiny heart that beats a small spine….

How to reduce the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester?

Experts believe that in the first weeks of pregnancy collapses 60% to70% of fertilized egg cells. The most common causes of deterioration are problems with the quality of cells and chromosomal errors that occur during development. Very early rejection of a fertilized egg usually remains unnoticed and women think that it is menstruation, which is a little late. The risk can be reduced if the pregnant women does not smoke and drink alcohol, and too much coffee.

Do I have to quit my job during pregnancy?

Since stress can also have negative effect on the fetus, pregnant women are legally protected in case of need to keep the pregnancy at home, away from work. Also pregnant women who do heavy physical work should be protected. But if you feel good and the pregnancy is all right, and you feel that you would like to continue to work, there is no need to stay at home.

What helps with nausea?

Nausea is the most common symptom of pregnancy. According to statistics 3 of 4 pregnant women suffer from nausea. Toast that you will eat before getting up of bed in the morning will help you to avoid the morning nausea. A small consolation is that the nausea usually disappears by the end of the first quarter of pregnancy, when the body gets used to pregnancy.