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Am I pregnant? 7 differences between PMS and early pregnancy

In some women, the earliest pregnancy symptoms can be very similar to the pre-menstrual symptoms. See the seven basic differences between PMS and pregnancy symptoms.

Symptoms such as increased appetite, sensitive breasts and irritability often associated with PMS, however, very similar phenomena occur and during early pregnancy. The hormones in both cases, cause changes in the body, and to know to differentiate them, we discover you seven major difference:

1. Implantation bleeding

One of the first signs of pregnancy that can often replace with menstruation is implantation bleeding. It appears from six to 12 days of conception, then in fact the embryo engages in the uterine wall, and encourages light bleeding accompanied by cramps. Given that all the symptoms point to menstruate, attention should be paid to the amount of bleeding, which in this case is noticeably smaller.

2. Sensitivity of breasts

Although breasts sensitivity is most common symptom of PMS, it is also the first symptom of pregnancy, while in this case, the breasts become swollen and nipples darker. Besides that breast tenderness in early pregnancy does not stop after a few days, but is becoming more common.

3. Unusual fatigue

Exhaustion during normal activities, increased need for rest, as well as frequent fatigue are among the first signs of pregnancy. They usually occur in the first quarter when the body gets used to the new changes.

4. Frequent urination

Frequent urination that is not accompanied by cramps and pain, as it usually is with PMS, is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. It happens due to the expansion of the uterus, which pressure the bladder. During pregnancy, the body naturally produces more fluid, more precisely, there is a need for liquid because increased thirst.

5. Nausea and sensitivity to odors

Increased demand for flavors, salty or sweet, is well-known symptom of PMS, as well as a sense of severe stomach. However, it is not the same feeling of nausea accompanied by vomiting, namely such side effects occur in the morning and evening, and are well known as pregnancy symptoms.

6. Dizziness

Sudden dizziness and a feeling of weakness with PMS usually occur as a result of the pain, that with the termination of the cycle disappear. But if these symptoms continue for a longer period, and period is missed, then indicate pregnancy. The weakness is caused by the expansion of the uterus, which causes the pressure in the arteries in the legs and drop in blood pressure.

7. Fever

Increased body temperature and frequent hot flashes are the most common symptoms of early pregnancy. Frequent heat is usually accompanied by sweating and feeling small discomfort.