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(VIDEO) 9 Months in the womb in just 4 minutes long video. Truly Amazing!

Life is a miracle! The development of human life in the mother’s womb is just amazing!

Did you know that everything about the baby – including the color of the eyes, the color of the skin – was all determined at the time of fertilization? If you were wondering how a baby develops so rapidly and fully in the mother’s womb this video will demonstrate you the whole mind-blowing process.

Except the video read the development process month by month:

Month 1

This is the month of fertilization and implantation. After ovulation, the egg cell is normally fertilized within 24-48 hours. After fertilization the egg cell begins to divide and at this stage is called a zygote. At the stage of fertilization all physical attributes of the baby are determined, including eye color, hair color, gender.

Implantation occurs 7-10 days from fertilization. At this time the amniotic sac, yolk sac and the umbilical cord begin to form. At the end of the first month the baby is approximately 2 mm long.

Month 2

In the second month begin to form the baby’s heart, neural tube, arms and legs, liver, the placenta, eyes, ears, mouth, bones and other major organs. The little baby’s heart will be visible via ultrasound and will be beating. The finger and toes will become present, but they may still be webbed. The brain and the cranial nerves will begin to form too. At this stage the baby will be approximately ½ - ¾ inch long and will weight 1-2 grams.

Month 3

By the end of the third month development of all major organs and the heart is completed. Baby’s sex organs still develop and it is still difficult to differentiate gender. At this month baby’s face is well formed and the muscles in trunk, limbs and head are developing. The baby will be 3-4 inches and weighs 1 ounce by the end of third month.

Month 4

The baby will more active and the mothers may begin to feel baby’s movement, but it is normal to feel the movements for the first time till the next month. During this month baby’s hair and teeth begin to form. Also the digestive system is forming and the baby’s first stool is present in the intestines as well. Baby’s gender can be determined by the end of forth month. The baby will be 5-6 inches long and will weigh 5-8 ounces by the end of this month.

Month 5

This month the baby is developing “lanugo” – a fine hair which covers the body. Also the eyelashes and the eyebrows are developing. The baby begins to suck and swallow. The baby will be able to hear you know because her ears are fully developed. On baby’s skin appears a lanolin like covering that protects her skin. By the end of fifth month the baby will be 7-8 inches long and will weigh ¾ -1 pound.

Month 6

This month baby’s immune system is developing and the baby is able to create her own antibodies. Her lungs begin to develop and the alveoli are forming. Baby has developed two reflex this month: grip reflex and startle reflex. At the end of this month the baby will be 9-10 inches long and will weigh 1 ½ - 2 ¼ pounds.

Month 7

The baby will be able to cry this month. She or he will be very active and the others may be able to see the movements. Baby’s bones are fully developed this month and she is increasing in body fat. She will be approximately 11 inches long and will weigh 3-3 ½ pounds by the end of this month.

Month 8

This month the baby is growing and maturing and preparing for life outside the womb. Most of the time baby will sleep because she is becoming increasingly cramped for space. By the end of this month baby is approximately 13 inches long and weighs 5-6 pounds.

Month 9

This month the baby is preparing for birth. Most of the time the baby will spend resting, but she should still have active periods. The head should be facing down in preparation for birth. Weight and length of the babies at birth vary considerably, but the range is between 7-8 pounds and 19-21 inches.