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Did You Know Microwaves Are Banned In Russia Since 1976. This Is What They Didn’t Tell You!!!


When it comes to microwaves there are two sides to the story. On one side there are the people who just can’t live without them, and on the other side we have the people who’d never use them thinking they’re unsafe and can cause health problems. Unfortunately, the majority of people belongs to the first group, choosing the microwave to speed up dinner time and are unaware of the health implications this bring about.

Grow You Own Endless Supply Of Blueberries In Your Home – Follow These 6 Easy Steps


Did you know that among other health benefits, blueberries protect against memory loss?

A 2012 study suggested that eating at least one serving of blueberries a week slowed cognitive decline by several years. One possible explanation as to why came from a 2013 study in mice, which found that berries might protect the brain by clearing toxic proteins that accumulate there.