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What Your Kissing Style Says About Your Bedroom Moves!! Very Interesting WOW!!!!

When it comes to intimacy kissing is a major tool. Therefore, kissing is a major part of s*x despite that many people have different opinions about that.

In the world of prostitution, kissing doesn’t even exist. So that’s why many people don’t experience it as a natural intimate moment.

However, studies show that kissing is not only part of making love, but also it can tell you a lot about that person and furthermore it can reveal a lot about their bedroom moves.

More or less everybody kisses differently. Because of this, it is completely possible to sense s*xual incompatibility through kissing.

What’s your kissing style…

Trough the kissing style, now you can learn how is your partner in bed even before trying him out. There are a lot of different kisses, from aggressive and rough to romantic and tender.

The aggressive kisser

If your partner is an intense kisser, likes to bite you and pull your hair, that means that he won’t be boring in bed. He/she doesn’t like conservative s*x, chances are that you will learn many new things in the near future. This is not the type of people who like things to evolve slowly.

The teaser

This is the kisser that will treat the intimacy like a game. At first, they are slow, passionate and then suddenly they pull out when you don’t expect to. If you’re into the art of teasing, this is the type for you. When it comes to making love, it will be like a sensual game and will always leave you wanting for more.

The tongueless kisser

This is a person that doesn’t easily opens up and they have a bit void of passion. Most probably you will have to spend a lot of time teaching them some moves in the bedroom because of their lack of experience.

The lack of passion kisser

If your partner doesn’t like to kiss that means he will never be a good lover. S*x with the tongueless kisser is probably on the safe side, but you can take that as a challenge and try to bring them out of their s*xual shell.


 The “too much” tongue kisser

These people will want s*x soon as possible and they never know how to play the love game. They probably will rush into it and the romantic and sensual vibe will be lost.

The darter

These types of people kiss like robots and don’t know how to make a passionate kiss. The s*x with them will feel just like a routine and you will never feel the passionate moment.

The tender kisser

If your new partner kisses you slowly and passionately, then you have the tender kisser. They might kiss your cheek and your neck… (You get the point).

This is the romantic type that you will enjoy making love. However, they don’t play it ruff but the experience is still unbelievable.

The passive kisser

If you have this type of kisser in your life that means that he will always wait for you to take the lead. S*x with this person will feel one sided. It might be frustrating if you adventures type of person.

The handsy kisser

In the process of kissing, the hands are also extremely important. This type of person knows how to work for their hands on you while kissing and will instantly turn you on.

Every time when you’re making love with this person, you will feel desired and wanted.

The perfect kisser

You will definitely feel the perfect kisser when you meet him. He/she feels is right when kissing you. Apart from all the different types, this kisser will just feel right. This is the kisser you marry. It’s all about the vibes with that person in this case. This is the other half you’ve been looking for it your whole life.



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