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This Is Amazing MUST Read: Time Traveler Who Spent 2 Years In The Future 2749 Tells All….!!!

Al Bielek is a man that spends 6 weeks in the year 2137 and around 2 years in the year 2749 (see video below).The scary thing is that many of the events he described as having happened, is happening now in our present time.

Some of those are The New World Order and the climate change that many people nowadays are skeptic about it.

The so-called Montauk Project was a series of U.S. secret government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island. Some of the projects were included psychological warfare techniques, others even more exotic such as time travel.

. Jacques Vallée describes what actually happened on that top secret base. He remembers that on August 13th, 1943 he jumped off the U.S.S. Eldridge. That’s the same date as the Philadelphia Experiment.

He found himself in a hospital from the future and stayed there for 6 weeks recovering from radiation injuries. The medical staff used vibrational and light treatments.

He noticed that the U.S. and Europe were drastically different from the way he knew them.

The water level had drastically risen and Florida was reduced to a panhandle only. Atlanta, GA was only 3 miles from the ocean. The great lakes had become large lakes.

Moreover, the U.S. Infrastructure had collapsed. Canada and the U.S. were no longer referred as nations. A loose form of local martial law existed 2137.

The magnetic poles started to shift and humans created an artificial pole structure that prevented collapse and reversal of the magnetic poles.

The world population was 300 million and the U.S. only counted 50 million.

He claims that between the 1950s and 2000 our government secretly collaborated with aliens and was introducing new technologies with their help.

The new world order was taking over the planet, but then a war developed. At some point, a war broke out between the Russians/Chinese vs U.S/Europe. A number of U.S. cities were destroyed.

The new world order collapsed.

The government has the technology to reduce radiation damage and nuclear waste within a few days, but even now refuses to use it for political reasons. In the future, the technology is used to clean up the radiation left from WW3.

He then found himself, inexplicably, in the year 2749 for nearly two years. He talks about what he learned while he was there. Then he was taken back to 2137 to pick up Duncan, after which they were both taken in 1983.

The cities were not ground based, but they were floating on the water. Furthermore, they could be moved from place to place.

The Synthetic Intelligence, Computer System was a computer system that ran everything. There was no government. It was a huge crystalline floating structure. It interviewed them telepathically.




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