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This Inspiring Story Touched Thousands – Doctors Said Baby Born With Brain Outside Of Skull Will Die But Then Miracle Happened


Doctors told Bentley’s parents, Sierra and Dustin, that they should have an abortion at an ultrasound appointment when Sierra was 20 weeks pregnant. During the appointment, they found out that their son Bentley had encephalocele, a rare condition in which part of the brain develops in a sac outside of the skull.

Mom Warns Parents On FB – “Think Twice Before Kiss A Baby”


New mom Amy Stinton was concerned when her 14-month-old baby, Oliver, developed a few rashes. She took him to the doctor thinking he had chicken pox, only to learn had her baby had, in fact, contracted herpes. While Stinton refuses to place the blame on anyone, she says that Oliver likely became infected after being kissed by someone with a cold sore.

Doctor Made Brave and Bizarre Decision To Save Premature and Dying Baby


Neonatal care has come a long way in the last few decades, but sometimes doctors have to get creative to save a little life. Pixie Grant spent the first few moments of her life not in her mother’s arms, but in an extremely bizarre place: a plastic sandwich bag. Yup, a sandwich bag! Pixie was born at just 28 weeks, once doctors determined she wasn’t gaining weight in utero. The medical staff tried coming up with a plan to delay her birth, but apparently, little Pixie was determined to have an October birthday.