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Doctor Made Brave and Bizarre Decision To Save Premature and Dying Baby


Neonatal care has come a long way in the last few decades, but sometimes doctors have to get creative to save a little life. Pixie Grant spent the first few moments of her life not in her mother’s arms, but in an extremely bizarre place: a plastic sandwich bag. Yup, a sandwich bag! Pixie was born at just 28 weeks, once doctors determined she wasn’t gaining weight in utero. The medical staff tried coming up with a plan to delay her birth, but apparently, little Pixie was determined to have an October birthday.

Terrified Mother Spends All Night On The Internet While Her Baby Lays In A Sink


Stephanie Smith’s son, Isaiah Quinn, started mysteriously developing a painful looking rashing all over his body when he was only three months old. The red, blistering rash began to spread from a cut that formed around his cheek that would naturally flare up whenever he was around strong smelling perfumes or intense fabric softeners.

Baby Was Born 3 Months Early, But When She Holds Him For The First Time… Beautiful!


When Lyndsey and Benjamin Scot Miller found out they were pregnant, nothing could contain their excitement. To bring a baby into this world was more than they could ever ask for. But they weren’t expecting to become parents on July 16, 2012. Lyndsey went into labor three and a half months early. It turns out that the cramps she was feeling at work were actually contractions. There was no way to keep the baby from being born, according to the doctors.

Mother Asked Baby A Simple Question; Her Response Stunned Everyone …..


Kids say the darndest things… but in this case, we have no idea what this baby is trying to say! When mom asks a simple question in the car, she got a “unique” response, to say the least. With dad sitting next to her, the baby started speaking (what seems to be) her own language – and we can’t get enough of it!