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Pregnant Girl Went To Have An Abortion - Then Something Amazing Happened That Changed Her Life …

Kimberly Henderson was pregnant for the 4th time and she thought that that was the worst time that this could happen. Find out why!

The relationship with her partner was ending as he was cheating. She already had 3 children to feed and she did not want another one. She wanted an abortion and she went to a clinic…

After 7 hours of waiting, she was not sure that she could do that. She remembers that her T-shirt was wet from the tears that fell from her eyes.

While she was searching for her ID card in her bag and card fell out. Kimberly saw this as a sign from God.

She was broken down and her face was messed up from tears. She repeated to herself that she must do it, but she could not convince herself. Even before that, she believed that God was sending her signs not to go on with the abortion.

That morning, her daughter got sick and she had to find a babysitter. She was lost on her way to the clinic and her car broke down. She was late for her appointment. For the entire time she was praying for God to send her a clear sign.

The card that fell out of her bag was from the church. On the back of the card there were lines from the Bible.

It said: Don’t give up since I am your God. I will give you strength and help you in trouble.

She figured out that it must be a sign from God and she canceled the abortion immediately. Her friends supported her decision as they believed that God gave her another baby for a reason.

When Kimberly exited the clinic she met a young teenage girl. The girl asked her whether she will have an abortion and Kimberly said no. the girl told her that she wished to be as brave as her.

Kimberly gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She gave her the name Vaida Everly, which means beautiful life. When she saw her daughter for the first time, Kimberly started crying remembering the words the teenage girl said to her at the clinic.


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