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8 Steps to complete protection from the sun


Summer has finally arrived, which means that children now spend more time outdoors. Only after you take necessary measures to protect them from the sun, let your kids to play outside. Do not forget that most of the damage to the skin caused by sun's harmful rays occurs before the age of 18, so that the establishment of habits for protection from the sun in early childhood, a good way to prevent skin cancer in later life.

Why kids should wear sunglasses?


On sunny days, most adults wear sunglasses when they are outside. But, how often do you see children wearing sunglasses? It is very rare and this should not be the case. Children just like adults need to protect their eyes. In the summertime it is extremely important that children wear sunglasses in order to prevent eye damage caused by the sun's rays, warn ophthalmologists. Ophthalmologist’s opinion is that the eyes are the most affected by the harmful solar radiation to our 18 years, because in that period to 80% of life activities involves exposure to UV rays. Some parents encourage their children to wear sunglasses. This may last for a short time. Often, those sunglasses get lost or broken.

Hand washing - the strategy against diseases


Washing hands with soap and water is the only correct way to wash hands. Regular hand washing is the cheapest and most effective method for maintaining health, especially during the season of the common cold and flu. In addition to minimizing the possibility of disease, frequent and thorough hand washing, directly act on the prevention of the spread of infection.