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A caution for Parents: Have you ever heard of dry and secondary drowning? You must read the warning signs and symptoms!!!


In 2014, blogger Lindsay Kujawa, described her son came frighteningly close to secondary drowning. Ronin, her son, was playing by the pool at a birthday party, and suddenly he slipped into the water for maybe 20 seconds. He was shaken up, but he seemed fine.

Children's health - The most common summer accidents


On hot days, kids can have a variety of inconveniences - Heatstroke, infection, injury ... Here are some tips on how to protect the child and help him in these situations.

In summer days parks and playgrounds are full. With the first hot days many families went to vacation.  However, in nature often occur accident and troubles that can spoil your enjoyment. Therefore, be prepared to forestall unwanted situation or to adequately react if they still occur.