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This Mother Warns People After Her Child Was Seriously Burned By Something All Of You Have In Home Backyard and Garden!!!!!

Parents always try to keep their children as safe as possible. They try to keep their children away from harmful objects and dangerous places. However, you may without knowing allow your child near something extremely dangerous.

A 9-month-old baby suffered from something very serious. The baby got second-degree burns from the hot water found in the garden hose. Today, the mother warns other parents about this unknown danger.

The mother thought that her daughter was crying because the hose has sprayed her in the face.

She did not know that her baby was burned by the water in the garden hose. So, a funny game ended as something extremely dangerous.

The mother did not even know that hot water can come out of the hose. However, the right side of her daughter was covered with blisters and was peeling.

Firefighters explain that the temperature in the hose may even reach 150 degrees. A short exposure to this water can result in second-degree burns.

Luckily, the little girl will recover fully. Parents should always check the hose and the water before allowing their children to play with it.



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