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The last months of pregnancy

The big day is coming.
Some women in the last months of pregnancy can feel fatigue and irritability again. But soon the day will come when everything will be resolved, and then followed by a period of endless enjoyment of motherhood.

7 month


During this time you can spot from the breasts watery whitish or yellowish liquid. Do not worry, its colostrum - the first milk, which is due to high levels of the hormone prolactin (on preparing your breasts for breastfeeding). The right milk the breasts begin to secrete a few days after birth. If your pregnancy so far showed no problems, it is right time to start with the mental and physical exercises.

Make a list of the necessary things for the baby. At the end of the seventh month to do the third ultrasound. During this period, you will urinate more often, due to increased pressure of the uterus on the bladder.


Your baby is growing rapidly. The process of maturation of lung function is completed so baby is ready to live outside the uterus if it’s born earlier. The skin is pink, hands and feet have become plump, and the wrinkles are disappearing. She is very active and skillfully turns the stomach like a fish in water.

8 month


From the eighth month of pregnancy, you should visit doctor more often. Night sleep is disturbed by constant search for the appropriate position for sleeping. Rest during the day, lie down every time you feel the need. Wrists and fingers will continue to swell. These inconveniences will "join" back pain, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. You can expect to have a baby "drop", that is to install its head in the pelvis and preparation for childbirth. When this happens, it will be easier to breathe, but the pressure has been moved down, so you can expect problems with gases and frequent urination.


As it grows, the baby has less space, and her every move you feel much stronger. Already now has its own rhythm of sleep, you'll clearly felt by its activities. And babies still "are rounded”. The baby's head is fully formed, but the bones of the head are not fused together, so that its size can be adapted to the birth canal.

9 month


During the ninth month, you'll probably go to the doctor once a week. Inspect your baby move - at least ten times a day. If you feel that baby is unusually calm, consult a physician. Every day you can expect to begin labor. Ask yourself once again. Are you all set? If so, take a rest.


The baby continues to gain weight. Weight is important, as it regulates body temperature. The hair from the baby's skin are largely missing, the hair covers the head, eyelashes and eyebrows are fully grown. At the end of this month, the baby weighs about 3,400 grams, and 48-51 inches long, with the possibility of major differences. But most important is that it is ready to be born.