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5 ways to reduce stress during pregnancy

Most people are not aware of how much stress is dangerous to health, especially during pregnancy, when stress affects the condition of the baby as much as the health of the mother. If a pregnant woman is under stress, it secretes hormones that reduce the number of neurons in the brain of the fetus and prevents their formation, speeds up the heart of the fetus and so on.

Therefore, it is necessary to take specific steps that will help your to stay calm during pregnancy, and remember your pregnancy as most beautiful time of your life.

Surround yourself with positive people

How to determine whether the people in your environment convenient for your health? 'Pay attention to how you feel when you spend time with them,' 'advises Adrianne Ahern, a psychologist from San Diego and author of' 'Back in Charge' '. If you feel better when a certain person is next to you, it means that the person makes your life more beautiful. But often, around us are people that emit extremely negative energy. Experts advise to avoid such people while you are pregnant. '' That does not mean to blame that person for something, but to take care of yourself and your health '', explains Ahern.

Take a break

When you feel you are upset about something, make a short break. A few minutes of meditation, reading a favorite magazine, chatting with a good friend or a short walk will calm you and help you to reduce stress levels. 'Break for at least five minutes improves heart function, blood pressure, respiration and immune system', experts say.

Find the right answer

Every pregnant woman feel very uncomfortable when others comment on her weight gain and touching her tummy. Plan ahead a few answers that will help to focus the discussion on the topic you want to talk, rather than to talk about your weight.

Physical activity is very important

Each type of exercise will reduce tension and release endorphins, thanks to which they will feel happier. If your doctor said that you cannot train during pregnancy, dedicate yourselves in another way like - swim, walk, and yoga.

Take a deep breath

If you are feeling tense, remove the air from the lungs and take a deep breath. Most people breathe shallowly, exclusively with breast when they are under stress, which increases heart rate and causes muscle tension.  '' Concentrating on breathing can help you maintain control over your thoughts and feelings, '' advises Adrienne Ahern. '' That way you will feel more comfortable and you will be able to deal with situations that cause stress, far more creatively and effectively. ''