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A caesarean section or vaginal delivery - what is safer at the birth of twins?

Canadian researchers have come up with new discoveries related complications in childbirth and after it, when it comes to the birth of twins. They have come to the conclusion that the birth of the twins by caesarean section does not reduce the risk of complications compared to natural childbirth.

Dr. John Barrett, head of the department for prenatal medicine in Sunnybrook Health - Science Centre in Toronto, said that women who opt for vaginal delivery can achieve equal results as women who opt for a caesarean section, as long as they have expert doctors with them. Despite this fact, many pregnant women still opt for the second option at the birth of twins.

During the study, researchers collected data for the last seven and a half years, about 2800 women from 25 countries who had given birth in 106 medical centers around the world, from Argentina and Egypt, to the United States. The study was designed to determine whether the planning of vaginal delivery is equally safe as planning of caesarean section, but the attention was given to what actually happened during childbirth. The results showed that almost 40 percent of women who planned vaginal delivery at the end had to opt for caesarean, while about 10 percent of women who planned Caesarean section gave birth to one or both twins naturally.

Barrett said that even one-third of women who carry one child decides for a cesarean section, is therefore not surprising that the doctors who participated in the survey felt the need to change the mode of childbirth. He added that he hoped that the results of this research to awaken the consciousness of the obstetrician to start to invest more time, effort and energy and help women have safe vaginal birth during the birth of twins.