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Water birth. Common fears and doubts!

In which way water reduces birth pains and why a large number of women in the world chooses exactly this type of birth, find out in this article. Birth of a child is the greatest event in the life of every woman. However, the inevitable companion of this joyful act is a pain. Thanks to advances in technology, more and more successful are results of modern medicine such as anesthesia application during delivery. However, a large number of women throughout the world is not a supporter of such "artificial" methods. They prefer natural ways to relieve pain, and one of them is giving birth in water.

Relaxation in warm water

It has been proven long time ago that warm water helps the muscles to relax. Among other things, has an impact on the alleviation of contraction, significantly reducing stress during childbirth. That feeling of relief helps to a woman to mentally relax and act in accordance with its contractions, and not against them. However, while showering and sitting in warm water is routine preparation for childbirth in many countries, giving birth in water has not been enough investigated. This is why it is still considered as an unusual method.

Fears and doubts

Future moms are quite curious when it comes to giving birth in the water, but, nevertheless, frequently asked questions are about his safety. The greatest fear is linked to the possible drowning of the child.

But the fact is that babies have an innate reflex that prevents to water enters in their lungs. Once the baby is born, her head is gently removed from the water. The body may give it some time to remain in the water, while the head must be in the air.

An important issue that is related to this mode of delivery is the placenta. Can that be done in the water? Opinions are divided. In theory - there are some risks ... However, if happens that the mother is bleeding abundantly after childbirth, is recommended mandatory exit from the pool.

Childbirth at home

Under the condition that around woman in childbirth is a reliable team of experts, birth in this way is feasible even in the home environment (on the Internet has sites through which can be ordered equipment to fulfill such desires). In this case, it is important that the room is adequately heated, without electrical wiring near water. Preferred is a thermometer for measuring water temperature, as well as a lot of hot towels for mom and baby. If the mother decides to leave the pool - at any stage of labor, there has to be prepared space in a room that contains everything necessary for further birth.

However, no matter how pretty easily is feasible, this mode of delivery is not as common. In some countries, like the United States, is widely applied. The bath for delivery is full of valves through which water comes out, what for the woman looks relaxing as massage. While water massaged her stomach and back, pregnant woman sitting, holding on to the metal handles on the side. During her relaxing in the water, with a special device is measured baby's heart rate. The baby immediately after the delivery is put on her mother's breast.

For this type of delivery does not need any special conditions. Using the tub is safe and often dads are allowed to attend. It is enough to future mom wants that. It is important to know that there is enough information on birth in water - there are quite a number of books, there are many sites about childbirth in water (knowledge is "collected" on the basis of experiences from different parts of the world). In addition, the fact is that nature knows what he's doing, and therefore should take the best from it.