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10 Signs That Indicate That you are 100% Genius and Not Lazy!!! Pay Attention to No.8!!

There are a lot of different types of people who have tendency to do lot of different types of things. Not everyone has the same taste of things like you, and we talk about this in today’s article.

Not doing anything will absolutely make you lazy according to your close family and friends. But the fact is that people who do not have a lot of motivation tend to be more intelligent .And it seems that this means that you are in fact genius and not a lazy person.

People who talk to themselves experts say that have a tendency to make better conclusions of situations. If you have few friends, don’t worry, having to interact with few people means less stress and social anxiety, which in return gives you time to focus on your own goals and well-being.

Even though people may think that you’re a lazy individual who does nothing, the truth is, you aren’t working because as a genius, you have too many ideas in your mind. Often times, when a person is focusing on one task rather than multitasking, others may find him/her lazy. The truth is that lazy people take their time to finish the job timely once they decide to do it.

Very often, lazy people avoid cleaning after themselves and they appear a bit messy. But, being messy isn’t so bad after all because it allows you to break out of tradition and find new and unconventional ways to do things. Amazing, right? Real geniuses!

Doodling is another common habit of lazy people. They tend to draw randomly whenever there is a piece of paper. This helps them come up with new concepts, retain information, and pay more attention to detail. Furthermore, lazy people have a habit of calmly handling everyday lifein order to come up with the best solution that will be also beneficial in the long run. For example, lying hungry for hours and hours just because you’re too lazy to make yourself something to eat could be an excellent skill if there is a sudden national famine, right?

Let’s make things clear once and for all; lazy people are great leaders who know when to delegate tasks to others in order to get the job done quicker. They know the importance of teamwork.



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