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If By Any Chance See This Slugs Near Your Home Immediately Call 91!!! This Is The Shocking Reason!! (VIDEO)

Not every deadly animal has a fierce and threatening appearance. You might even not notice that some animal in your surrounding is extremely dangerous.

Those who live in Southwest Florida or planning to visit this area should watch carefully for the New Guinea flatworm.

The flatworm was first spotted in 2015 in the Miami region. Later, it was also found in a flowerpot in Cape Coral. According to experts, it managed to come to Florida with plants or produce coming from the South Pacific.

This flatworm has a dark color and an orange stripe down its back. Christopher McVoy, an environmental scientist from Florida, stated to have seen one in his driveway.

He did a small research and asked a researcher in Paris at the Museum of Natural History for an opinion, who said he hasn’t seen any that far north.

The worm can easily infect mice and rats, which can pass the infection to people. The infection is very dangerous as it can damage the human’s brain and spinal cord.

Therefore, having any contact with this flatworm can be extremely dangerous.

These worms can kill various small animals like snails, and lizards, as well as damage shrubs, trees, and other vegetation, so they are also threatening the ecosystem.

In case you see a New Guinea flatworm in the Southwest Florida region, take a photo of the animal and contact the authorities.

A lot of researchers give everything they can to prevent spreading of this dangerous animal elsewhere in Florida and the U.S.



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