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Do You Know How To Choose The Perfect Watermelon?? These Are The Best 5 Tips From Experienced Farmer!!!

Have you ever seen that viral video going around of the hippo eating the watermelons? I can totally relate to that hippo. I LOVE watermelon. My husband told me that he thinks that in our 8 years of marriage, I alone have eaten over 15 watermelons and he has only eaten about 2. What can I say? It is nature’s candy and I will partake! Over the years, I have learned a few tricks to choosing the perfect watermelon and I want to share these tips with you, as long as you don’t take all of the good ones away from me.

I hear people say that there are certain stores that carry the best watermelons, but I honestly think that it changes throughout the season. There are good and bad batches that every store will get. I think that the most consistent place to get good watermelons is Costco. They aren’t always perfect, but I have had the most success there. They are typically good sized watermelons, good color, and are crisp and delicious on the inside.

There are a few things to look for when you are choosing a watermelon.

  1. Shape- Look for a watermelon with a pretty good oval shape. No watermelon is totally perfect, but there are some with some pretty crazy shapes to them. Look for one with good shape. This isn’t usually very hard to find.
  2. Yellow Spot- Find one with a relatively large yellow spot on the bottom of the watermelon. This spot is where the watermelon has rested on the ground while it grows. You want this spot to be a good, creamy yellow. This can be hard sometimes, but there are always a few in every bin!
  3. Not too shiny- We aren’t choosing jewelry here! Just because your eye is drawn to the shiny things, doesn’t mean the rules should apply with watermelon. If you choose a watermelon that is shiny, that can mean that the watermelon isn’t ripe yet.
  4. Small scratches- You want your watermelon to have small scratches on it. Don’t look for large scars, those aren’t what you want. I am talking about small scars on it. A lot of these scars can be from bugs trying to scratch the service because the watermelon is nice and sweet. Trust the bugs! You want the sweet watermelon they are trying to get to. This picture isn’t a perfect example, but all of the watermelons at Costco were pretty scratched up the day I went in. You can tell what scratches came from the shipping process verses bugs pretty easily though.
  5.  Pick a few- Pick up a few promising watermelons and put them in your cart as you dig through the bin. You are eliminating extra bulk when you are digging through the bin and you are saving good prospects for yourself to dig through so they aren’t stolen by someone else. I usually hoard about 4 or 5 in my cart and then find the perfect one from my cart after digging through the bin. I probably look a little nuts!

Some people swear by the knocking technique, but I have had zero success with it. To be honest, all of the knocking sounds the same to me! I don’t do that. I feel like a bit of a moron when I am knocking on a bunch of fruit.

Honestly I don’t think anyone’s watermelon picking technique is the same or the “perfect” technique, but I have had a lot of success with this technique! I hope you can use these tips and enjoy deliciously juicy, crunchy watermelon all season!

Once you get that watermelon, make sure to try this delicious honey lime sugar syrup for it too!



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