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Girls Do You Know What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Putting Nail Polish!! Shocking Indeed!!


For most of you, nail polish is something you’d never put under the category of ‘dangerous stuff.’ But, you may reconsider this after you finish reading this article.

Yes, you don’t apply the nail polish on your skin, but this beauty product is definitely dangerous. And toxic, let’s not forget that. It’s even worse than the chemicals contained in your face creams. So, let’s go through the ingredients in your nail polish.

Cat can Protect Your House From Negative Energy, Bad Spirits and Ghost!! (What Is The Best Cat Color)!


Did you know that cats protect you from ghosts? They have a protective aura that can protect its owner too? Cats are believed by many to be magical creatures with positive astral energy and this can be transferred to you each time your cat brushes your leg. Each time you shoo away a cat when it does this, you are blocking positive energy. As a result, the cat instead of passing its astral force to you may take some of yours.