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Bananas are rich in vitamin B which is why they can give a longer lasting and more enjoyable time in bed, making you more energized and stress-free.

Certain types of foods can significantly improve s*xual arousal and in this article we’re going to share with you which foods should be eaten and which avoided right before s*x.

If you want to spice up your s*x life and improve your man’s potency try some of these aphrodisiacs before intercourse, the results will amaze you for sure. There are a lot of aphrodisiacs which can help you improve your s*x life and your partner’s endurance, but we’ll share with you the most potent ones. Just like there are foods which can enhance your pleasure there are also foods which can ruin the moment, so you should be wary of the latter. Here’s a list of the so called “friends of erection” and “enemies of erection”.

Friends of Erec*ion


Bananas are rich in vitamin B which is why they can enhance and improve your s*x life. They give you energy and reduce stress. Aside from the vitamin B, there are a number of other ingredients like tryptophan which increases the secretion of the hormone serotonin, potassium responsible for production of s*x hormones and bromelain, a libido boosting enzyme, which also improves circulation.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

These seeds are rich in zinc, which is responsible for the quality of sperm and testosterone, and also contain high levels of healthy fats, beneficial for intimate health.


Celery increases the production of androsterone pheromone, a natural aphrodisiac commonly found in a man’s sweat. It also has the ability to widen blood vessels and increase the s*x drive, giving you an improved s*xual experience and more potent orgasm.

Enemies of org*sm

Hot dogs

You should choose wisely what to eat for dinner if you want to enjoy a night of fiery s*x. Sausages and hot dogs contain high levels of saturated fat which can lead to clogged arteries and poor blood circulation in the penis. You certainly wouldn’t like this to happen when you’re planning a steaming night with your loved one. Moreover, hot dogs contain the lowest grade meat, which can cause an inflammation and hormonal imbalance.

Buttercup chips

Why is it that everything that is so delicious is usually bad for your health? If you expect a wild night in the bedroom you better leave the buttercup chips for the next day because they can ruin your potency. They contain high levels of fat which negatively impact circulation and testosterone. Also the salt can cause high blood pressure and cause erectile dysfunction, as well as swelling and gases.


We know that fresh breath is very important in the bedroom but mints just before intercourse can reduce the testosterone level and ruin your performance. Just brush your teeth and you’ll be fresh smelling, no worries.

Snacks and sweets

If your hunger kicks in just before s*x you should forget about candy bars and chocolate, they will increase your blood sugar levels instantly but in short time you’ll experience a sugar crash and feel hungrier than ever. It’s better if you opt for nuts or veggies and you’ll be good to go!


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