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10 Signs You’re Not Done Having Babies

The decision to add to your family can be downright vexing. I always thought that I only wanted two children, but now that I'm a mom to two rad little boys, I’m just not sure.

 Some days, I think I’m so very done and other days are full of pining for that new baby smell. It wasn’t until I took a good hard look at my behavior that I realized I wasn’t done having babies. This is not a pregnancy announcement by any means, but I’m pretty sure I’m not finished at two. It’s certainly not definitive, but if you identify with this list, you might want to postpone any appointments for permanent birth control.

You still have bags of baby clothes you’ve been meaning to donate for months. You just keep forgetting, plus it would be a waste to have to rebuy footie pajamas. Better hang on to them, just in case.

You routinely pin cute newborn photoshoot ideas. And don't forget about those adorable onesies and the occasional breastfeeding tip. Oh, and those cool shared room ideas.

You’ve convinced yourself that pregnancy wasn’t so bad. Your mind tends to focus on the sweet moments like feeling your little one kick, conveniently skipping over the whole getting kicked in the rib part.

And that the sleep deprivation was totally survivable. You lived to tell the tale, didn’t you? Plus, not every baby is a horrible sleeper, right?

You announced your youngest’s birthday with the sobbing emoji. Are they really not a baby anymore? Can it really go that fast?

You’ve Googled “what it’s really like to have (insert number here) kids.” It can’t be that much harder, can it?

You’re still suffering through a bummer form of birth control.The original plan was to send Daddy in for the big snip, but it just hasn’t felt right.

You can’t pass an infant seat without peeking inside. Just a little glimpse. It can’t hurt to look.

You’re already looking forward to the idea of grandkids. More kids naturally ups your chances of more grandkids, so it's a win-win!

You didn’t plan on loving this job so much. Even on the hardest day you couldn’t imagine life without your kids and you know you’ll feel the same way about another.


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