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Mother Was Using Popular Children’s Product With Her Kids…. Now She Is Almost Blind And You Wont Believe What Caused It!!

People often use children toys and products to play with their kids without realizing the damage they can do. Glitter crafts for example can be very dangerous, and this woman found that out the hard way!

She used glitter on crafts like many people do, but this unfortunately left her blind! She made a video in order to raise awareness about the dangers of glitter on crafts and to show the irreparable damage she suffered on her eye.

One day while playing with her kids, the woman decided to make some crafts with them and used glitter to make them nicer. A small piece of glitter got inside her eye, but she thought that it would go out by simply washing her face with water.

However, after a month the irritation wouldn’t go away, and a fungus started developing in her eye! The cornea was ruptured by the seemingly harmless piece of glitter, and she underwent two unsuccessful surgeries to repair the damage. After several procedures, the only option left was to replace the eye with a fake one. Let this be a warning to every parent on the planet – be careful what you use when playing with your children!


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