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Get Bigger Pen!s In Just 7 Days By Doing Only This – Guys You Must Try This !!!

If you are dissatisfied with the size of the penis and you think that you better do not need to think about surgery. There are methods, according to the belief of the Arabs may increase your sexual organ of a completely natural way.

Heating the penis

The aim of the exercise is to increase or extension of the soft tissue in the penis, which in the course of erection are filled with blood. Just as the body needs to warm up before exercise also the penis needs to stop before continuing.

Heating of the penis should be held around the head and squeeze gently to stretch it forward so that you feel the tension in the middle of the penis. After 10 seconds of relaxation. Make it ten times. Then it is the penis to turn in a circle and bend left 10 times, then 10 times clockwise, when the penis is warm enough, you need to massage to partial mild erection.

Then penis and testicles need to roll up in a warm towel for two minutes. Repeat five times on the penis to heat and to keep the blood inside. Instead of winding the cloth can sit in a warm bath. When the penis will be truly ready, you can start with the extension.

Method of penis extension

This activity does not affect the width as its length. It is performed in a sitting position on the edge of the bed or standing. The penis must be  dry to ensure a secure grip.

You need to follow these steps:

1. The penis must be relaxed. With one hand firmly grasp around the head and with the other hand grasp the hand with which you hold the penis.

2. Then follow stretching and so need to hold down for 30 seconds and then relax grip. Repeat ten times, and each time capture should drag it harder, but not cause pain.

3. When you do it 10 times, the penis must relax in order to hit him in the hips 75 to 100 times. So blood is reintroduced into the penis. Traces rest a minute.

4. Repeat step 2, is now pulling the penis left

5. Repeat step 3

6. Repeat step 2, but right now dragged

7. Repeat step 3

8. Repeat step 2, now being dragged up

9. Repeat step 3

10. Repeat step 2, now down on

11. Again hitting the penis from the hips 70 to 100 times


Hints and tips

Due to pressing may appear red or purple spots. It is quite normal. After some time the points will disappear, but the tissue will be stronger. If during exercise your hands start slipping from the penis, it is best to apply powder  due to better grip.


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