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5 Signs You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You!!


You never appreciate what you have until it is gone sometimes. Some people never appreciate you even when you are gone. They are so self-serving and self-centered that anything that isn’t of direct and immediate benefit to them does not even appear on their radar. They are so in love with themselves that there is none left over for you. No matter how hard you try, no matter how flexible or understanding you are and no matter how much you love them, they will never ever change who they are. They will not magically wake up some day and fully appreciate what a wonderful person they are with.

If Your Man does these 6 Things, he Loves you way more than you think!!! Pay Attention To Last 3!!!!


Every girl wonders if her boyfriend loves her. This doubt usually appears when the guy stops talking about "his love" and feelings. How can you tell if a guy is in love with you? You think your relationship is great. You think you have found the best partner. Finally, you get that cherished proposal to marry him. There are 6 main things, which you should pay attention to.