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Huge Scandal: Women From Poor Parts Of The World Are Bribed To Sell Parts From Their Skins Which Are Use For Plastic Surgeries For Rich People!!!


A report from Indian news site Youth Ki Awaaz exposed additional horrors of human trafficking those human rights organizations were not aware of and the groups are now frantically investigating the claims. According to Soma Basu, an investigative journalist for Youth Ki Awaaz, women living in poverty are being bribed into selling large chunks of their skin to be used for breast enlargements.

Shocking: Mystery Illness Almost Took His Life All Because One Mistake. His Body Started To Turn Black!!! Be Aware People and Check The Warning Signs!!!


Warning: This article contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Kevin Breen's life was actually going really well. He was the happy father of three kids and he had a beautiful, loving wife — he never could have imagined the dismal fate that was waiting for him. But when Kevin fell ill with what appeared to be a harmless infection, everything suddenly changed.