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15 Simple Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life !!!!

People do their daily activities without much thinking about them. What’s interesting is, many of these (not so important) activities are usually done the wrong way. In this article, you’re going to find out who they are and how to do them properly.

Some of them are:

– Wearing a bobby pin: people don’t know that the wavy part is meant to be
– Pointed towards the inside, so a bigger part of your hair is taken at once.
– Cutting a watermelon: when most people cut it, it’s juice is wasted instead of retaining it.

– Eating a cupcake: eating it like a sandwich is the way to go.
– Holding a wine glass: pinch stem is used between your thumb and first finger.
– Inserting earphones: maybe a big revelation for you!
– Holding a pen: will be shown on the video.
– Crossing words: you should superimpose them with other words.

ndividual opinions on the best ways to perform certain tasks may vary widely depending on a person’s preference, but there are some things that we just figure come naturally. Things like breathing, sleeping and even pooping are simply things that our bodies do without really having to think about it, right?

So how could there possibly be a ‘wrong’ way to do it? Turns out that many of the things we do on a daily basis are not always the most efficient or effective ways, but we still do them because we’ve grown accustomed to it.

Just because we’ve been doing something a certain way for as long as we can remember, however, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right way.

Take a look on the video below so you will have the right solution for doing these things, and your life will be much more simple and easier.



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