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This Is Why You Should Always Leave A Coin In The Freezer Before You Leave The House… It’s Very Important !!!

Ever asked yourself why after you returned from a longer trip the digital clock at home showed the wrong time?

You probably think that there have been power outages. But even if that was the case, you can’t be sure for how long the electricity was out.

It may have been for a couple of days, making your food defrost and spoil. Once the power was back, your food froze again, and you didn’t notice that it was spoiled. This can be dangerous since some foods are at risk of spreading bacteria and salmonella.

We will show you a way to find out whether and for how long the freezer has been out of power and how to check whether the food is good for consumption.

You need 1 cup, water and a coin.

Preparation: pour water in the cup and put it in your fridge. When it becomes ice, place the coin on the top and again return it in the freezer.

When you return after a holiday, check where the coin is before you eat your food.

• If the coin is on top of the ice cubes, this means that there was never a power outage or it happened for a shorter period of time and the water melted only partly. So the food is safe.

• If the coin is on the bottom of the cup, it means the electricity outage lasted a longer period, the water completely dissolved and the coin fell at the bottom. It’s better not to eat your food.

This is a great trick you can use if you are away for a longer time.



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